March 16, 2022 Mariah

Berkshire Natural Resources Council 2022 Spring Volunteer Workdays


Email RSVP to Mariah at or Charlotte at

April and May volunteer workdays are posted below.

June, July, and August workdays will be posted in early June.

NEW: NestWatch Community Science Volunteer Opportunity (family-friendly)  

What: NestWatch is a nationwide nest monitoring program led by Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and supported by community members like yourself. Participating is fun, and anyone can do it – even young ones! NestWatch offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to meaningful research and get an intimate window into Tree Swallow and Eastern Bluebird nesting, from incubation to fledge.  

Where: Hollow Fields, Richmond  


  • Volunteers must commit to at least one full nesting attempt (3-4 weeks), visiting the nest to collect data at least once a week. 
  • Nesting season lasts from May – August. You may monitor nests for just one month, or all four.
  • Collecting data on-site should take place in the late morning or afternoon and takes no more than 10 minutes, plus 10-20 minutes to hike into the location.  

If you’re interested in this Community Science opportunity, please email Charlotte at She will follow up with resources and schedule a time for training.  


Re-blaze the Red Trail at The Boulders, Pittsfield At Capacity
Tuesday, April 12, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (7 volunteers, 2 groups) 

The first workday of the 2022 spring season will focus on replacing the red tags on the 2.4-mile Red Trail. Participants will use a step stool and hammer to remove the old tags and replace them. This is a great excuse to visit a reserve known for its abundance of spring ephemerals while lending a hand to this important trail upgrade.  

  1. Patty Spector
  2. John Kidd
  3. Kimberly Kaigle
  4. Wendy Stebbins
  5. Andrea Lassor
  6. Ingrid Cullen
  7. Margaret Cahill

Stevens Glen Bridge Removal, West Stockbridge
Wednesday, April 20, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm (12 volunteers) 

This workday will focus on hauling old bridge material from the location on the trail to the trailhead. Participants will be asked to carefully carry the materials, bucket-brigade style up the slope.   

We’ll arrange a carpool from a nearby location due to the lack of space at the trailhead. RSVPs will be notified of those details. If you don’t feel comfortable carpooling we will accommodate. 

  1. David Dee
  2. Justin Beckwith
  3. Jed Baumwell
  4. Jeffery Turner
  5. Tim O’Brien
  6. David Dutra
  7. Donna Bernstein
  8. Ed Bernstein
  9. Mary Spina
  10. Brandon Smith
  11. Bob Johnson
  12. Susan LeBourdais

Vista Clearing on the Saddle Trail at Alford Springs, Alford 
Saturday, April 30, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (8 volunteers) 

Help maintain one of the views that make this reserve so special! This workday will focus on clearing the Saddle Trail vista at Alford Springs. We’ll hike about 10 minutes to our work area. Participants will help to clear brush and small saplings from the viewshed on a slope.  

  1. Jack Lyons
  2. Gary Shalan
  3. Jeffery Turner
  4. Tim O’Brien
  5. Rosemary McLaughlin
  6. Sharon Siter
  7. Patty Spector


Habitat Restoration on the Old Mill Trail, Hinsdale and Dalton
Wednesday, May 4, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (20 volunteers) 

The Housatonic Valley Association, in partnership with BNRC, is determined to eradicate the non-native species along this stretch of the East Branch of the Housatonic River. Come learn about the effort and participate in making this vision a reality. We’ll hike in about ¾ mile and primarily focus on the removal of garlic mustard. 

Garlic mustard reproduces at an incredible rate, and with nothing to keep it in check in its non-native environment, it quickly renders an environment uninhabitable for a diversity of local species. The upside is, it’s edible and makes for a delicious pesto! 

  1. Diane Saunders
  2. Jerry Lieblich
  3. Joanmarie Angelo
  4. Dan Shepardson
  5. Juliana Hektor
  6. Nancy King
  7. Charlie Dutelle
  8. Kathryn Wedderburn Vincent
  9. Clay Dilts
  10. Ellen Dilts
  11. Kimberly Kaigle
  12. Wendy Stebbins
  13. Nancy Cohen
  14. Stephen Veilleux
  15. Lauren Paro
  16. Susan LeBourdais
  17. Eric Johnson
  18. Lori Johnson
  19. Ginny Akabane
  20. Craig Wojcicki

Habitat Restoration at The Boulders, Pittsfield
Saturday, May 14, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (20 volunteers) 

Join us in an effort to remove winged euonymus (also known as burning bush) along the Blue and Red Trails at The Boulders reserve. We will hike in approximately ¾ mile to the worksite. Participants will use hand tools such as loppers and handsaws.  

Winged euonymus can negatively impact biodiversity in its non-native environment if left unchecked. By removing it, we are helping to restore habitat where a wider variety of species can thrive.  

  1. Susan LeBourdais
  2. Peter Grealish
  3. Scout Swonger
  4. Donna Bernstein
  5. Ed Bernstein
  6. Katherine Kidd
  7. John Kidd
  8. Rosemary McLaughlin
  9. Dan Shepardson
  10. Juliana Hektor
  11. Charlie Dutelle
  12. Robert Watroba
  13. Kathryn Wedderburn Vincent
  14. Tom Ferris
  15. Linda Gunderson
  16. James Cohan
  17. Open Slot
  18. Open Slot
  19. Open Slot
  20. Open Slot

Trail Blazing at Bob’s Way, Monterey 
Sunday, May 22, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (6 volunteers) At Capacity

Help future visitors enjoy this beautiful reserve by re-painting the blazes on the 2.5 miles of trails at Bob’s Way.  

Your efforts will help future visitors easily stay on the trail. The clear markings help hikers enjoy their time outdoors without constant worry about whether they are still headed in the right direction. 

  1. Peter Grealish
  2. Scout Swonger
  3. Rosemary O’Brien
  4. Mary Spina
  5. David Dutra
  6. Clay Dilts
  7. Ellen Dilts
  8. Stan Brown

Other Community Volunteer Opportunities: 

Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT):

BEAT is seeking motivated volunteers who want to get outside and help collect water quality data on Wednesdays. You don’t need prior experience to volunteer — just a willingness to learn and a forbearance of getting a little dirty! If this opportunity sounds interesting to you and you’d like to know more, send an email to Noah at

BEAT is starting again with their weekly invasive hardy kiwi cut and pull at Burbank Park in Pittsfield. If you’d like to volunteer with BEAT by helping us continue our efforts to eradicate this destructive and problematic vine, please send an email to email to Noah at Anyone and everyone is welcome regardless of age or experience, and we always appreciate the help.