May 21, 2016 Joe Berkshire

Bird Walk at The Boulders 5/26/16 7am – 9am


This walk will help take you from feeder birds (blue jays, chickadees) to the birds of field and forest. Can’t tell a robin from a crow? No shame – we’ll show you how we do it. After just one walk you’ll amaze your friends with cheap birding tricks!

Join BNRC and the Hoffmann Bird Club at The Boulders for a stroll at this sprawling conservation area. We’ll walk wood roads and hiking trails; footing is good. Bring water and a snack.


Thursday, May 26, 7am – 9am

Where to meet

Meet at the Appalachian Trail parking area at the Dalton side of Gulf Road.

From the Pittsfield intersection of Routes 8 and 9 (Coltsville): east on Route 8/9 for 1.4 miles to a left on Park Avenue; 0.5 miles on Park Avenue to a left on Gulf Road; 0.1 miles to the trailhead parking.

Contact Doug or 413-499-0596 with questions.