July 24, 2020 Mariah

Family Self-Guided Story Walk at The Boulders, Dalton

Hike the 0.5 mile Healthy Heart Loop and enjoy the fun story of a young fox!

The story walk will be on display for a self-guided adventure from Saturday, July 25th – Sunday, August 16th (dawn to dusk) at The Boulders Reserve.

Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer by Mary Holland is a photographic journal of a red fox as he explores the world around him during the first few months of his life. He’s about a month old when he first comes out of the den. Watch as he learns to hunt through play and by using his senses. See the changes as he grows from a young kit to a young fox. After all, by the next summer, he’ll have kits of his own! Naturalist photographer and environmental educator Mary Holland has captured Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer in a way that is sure to grab children’s hearts.

While the audience of the book is Kindergarten to 3rd grade, the content is great for all ages- even adults! It’s fun, informative, and exciting to see Ferdinand grow up!

Be sure to also check out the author’s incredible Naturally Curious blog.


To the trailhead parking area on Gulf Road, Dalton: take routes 8/9 east from the center of Pittsfield.  Take a left onto Park Avenue in Dalton, past Craneville School.  Take a left onto Gulf Road. Park at the pull-off on the left, opposite the parking for the Appalachian Trail. We do not recommend taking Gulf Road from Lanesboro; this is a very rough, seasonal dirt road.

GPS: 42.4816, -73.1783 (trailhead parking on Gulf Road)