January 19, 2021 Mariah

Family Self-Guided StoryWalk® at Wild Acres, Pittsfield

Hike the 0.5 mile trail and learn about animal tracks!


The StoryWalk® will be on display for a self-guided adventure from Saturday, February 13th – Sunday, February 21st (dawn to dusk) at Wild Acres Conservation Area in Pittsfield.


Animals are all around us. While we may not often see them, we can see signs that they have been there. Some signs might be simple footprints in snow or mud (tracks) and other signs include chewed or scratched bark, homes or even poop and pee (traces). In Animal Tracks and Traces children will become animal detectives after learning how to read the animal signs left all around. Smart detectives can even figure out what the animals were doing!

While the audience of the book is Kindergarten to 3rd grade, the content is great for all ages- even adults!

Be sure to also check out the author’s incredible Naturally Curious blog.


Wild Acres – Trailhead
S Mountain Rd, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Email mauman@bnrc.org with any questions.