August 30, 2018 Mariah

Forest Forensics Hike at The Boulders, Pittsfield/Dalton, 10/28/2018

Join us finding clues to piece together the land history at The Boulders Reserve. 


Sunday, October 28, 10:00 am –  12:30 pm

Difficulty: Moderate (moderate pace, moderate elevation changes)

Description: Thousands of readers have had their experience of being in a forest changed forever by reading Tom Wessels’s Reading the Forested Landscape. Was this forest once farmland? Was it logged in the past? Was there ever a major catastrophe like a fire or a wind storm that brought trees down? We’ll put our thinking caps on and explore 3 miles of diverse woods, using Wessels’s field guide to piece together the land history. “You’ll feel like a woodland Sherlock Holmes. No walk in the woods will ever be the same.” Please bring lunch/snack, water, and appropriate footwear.

Directions: From Pittsfield, take Routes 8/9 east towards Dalton.  Take a left onto Park Avenue.  Take another left onto Gulf Road in about 0.5 miles.  Trailhead parking is 0.25 miles ahead on the left.

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