April 29, 2022 Charlotte Hood

Guided Hike on Yokun Ridge, Pittsfield/Lenox

When: Saturday, June 11, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm  

Where: Out-and-back hike from Bousquet Mountain to Mahanna Cobble and Yokun Seat 

Distance: Approximately 6 miles total 

Difficulty: Difficult (moderate pace, significant elevation changes) 

Description: Join us in hiking the northern section of The High Road on Yokun Ridge. We’ll begin the hike at Bousquet Mountain, gradually climbing the switchback turns and stone steps to the Mahanna Cobble vista. There is a spectacular view and stone bench at the vista with uninterrupted views south over Kennedy Park and Yokun Ridge. From there we’ll continue on the Yokun Ridge Trail for 1.5 miles to the expanse western facing view on Yokun Seat where we will enjoy lunch. This section encompasses open ridgeline as well as woodland trail and sustainably built stone features. This will be our turnaround location. We’ll retrace our steps and return to Bousquet Mountain.  

The High Road, which is a long-term initiative to make connections from towns to trails and along clusters of conservation land, allowing hikers to explore the scenic Berkshires. Yokun Ridge is the first High Road route to open connecting Pittsfield to Lenox. For current route information visit bnrc.org/the-high-road. 

Please note that final signage from Bousquet Mountain to Mahanna Cobble is in development.

Be Prepared: Wear sturdy footwear, bring at least 32oz of water, snacks and/or lunch. Hiking poles can be helpful with the elevation changes. BNRC has a few pairs to lend if you need them. Please leave your furry friends at home for this hike.

Directions: The trail begins at Bosquet Mountain. (101 Dan Fox Dr, Pittsfield, MA 01201) 

RSVP to Charlotte at chood@bnrc.org. (Up to 15 participants)