February 26, 2018 Mariah

March Volunteer Highlight: Bess Dillman


How long have you been volunteering for BNRC?

I have been volunteering for BNRC for over 7 years. I have a group of mostly retired friends that hikes every Tuesday. We enjoy a number of BNRC properties and are very appreciative of the work that BNRC does.

So about five years ago I decided the group should volunteer to help do trail work, cleanup work, or whatever needs to be done– to “give back.” I thought I was going to have to cajole and plead for participation, but I found that was not true. We all loved doing the work! Sometimes more people show up for a work party than for a hike.

Over the years we have worked on the Brothers Trail, the trails at Alford Springs, and the Thomas & Palmer property. But we are most proud of our work at Housatonic Flats in Great Barrington. There we have pulled up hundreds of pounds of barbed wire and fence posts, put up signs, cleared trash, placed benches and more. Nothing is more satisfying than a full morning of work. Then we treat ourselves to lunch at the Barrington Brewery!

What is your motivation for volunteering?

I have to admit that my main motivation for volunteering is that it is gratifying and fun! 

What is your favorite BNRC property?

This question is too difficult to answer! Here are some of the things I love about specific BNRC properties.

The rock work and the design of the Brothers Trail, the Hoosac Trail, and Stevens Glen are outstanding. The sky at Hollow Fields is always spectacular and in spring and summer the bobolinks are a musical and visual treat. Housatonic Flats has wonderful meadows of wildflowers and views of the river. Alford Springs has a variety of delights including views, beautiful birches, brooks and old foundations with apple trees. I never tire of saying hello to Yoda at the Hoosac  Range trail. Constitution Hill, which I visited for the first time last week, has amazing trees, rocks and views through the trees.

I could go on and on!