July 23, 2018 Mariah

Volunteer Highlight: Ginny Akabane

She initiated her relationship with BNRC 25 years ago doing title searches for properties being acquired. Ginny Akabane, having been involved with BNRC for half the time it’s been around, has done it all – from mailings to organizing the volunteer monitoring of hemlock woolly adelgid.

Her favorite property “has to be Mahanna Cobble. While I was helping to clear the vista before George Wislocki’s bench was installed, a bald eagle landed in one of the dead trees. That tree had to remain in case the eagle ever comes back! I like that it is a lollipop loop trail coming in from West Mountain Road. and I love the name of the Secret Trail. I have had a beaver slap its tail at me at the beaver pond, which comes and goes as the beavers come and go. My dog enjoys running the lower part of the Bousquet loop trail and bushwhacking across the knoll back to the car. Also, it is co-owned with three friends of mine.”

Inspired by her mother, who was still working at the Oyster Bay Waterfront Center in her 90s, Ginny dedicates much of her time to volunteering. Her motivation for helping BNRC is that “it is the best land conservation organization in Berkshire County, has wonderful properties and has friendly, dedicated staff.”

Ginny, thank you! You are an inspiration to us all! Cheers to many more paint-covered days blazing trails!