November 22, 2016 Joe Berkshire

Thankful for BNRC Volunteers!

November 2016

To our volunteers:

As the year draws to a close and as the season for giving comes to the fore, all of us at BNRC want to give thanks for our corps of dedicated volunteers.  Without you our jobs would be just about impossible….and it’s also true that they would be a lot less fun.

You have given selflessly of your time, energy, and effort over and over. You have slogged through mud, banged nails, driven miles, stuffed endless piles of envelopes, carried loppers and axes, hauled bridge parts, endured prickers, barbed wire, and ticks–all with smiles and good cheer. Some of you took pictures for our website; some of you kept our maps in stock.  Each of you is a treasure we cherish–not just today, but 365 days a year.

Our volunteers are a talented group, and getting to know you has been a distinct pleasure.  The wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge you carry makes our work lives richer and makes us extremely grateful that you have chosen BNRC as one of the recipients of your valuable time.  We feel both sustained and inspired by your choice.

To other potential volunteers, we encourage you to check out ways you can help BNRC by clicking on our “Volunteer” tab under “Landkeepers.”  We welcome all interests and all levels of involvement.  Help make BNRC even better by donating your time too.

On behalf of the BNRC Board of Directors and staff, I extend our wishes for a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season, full of warmth and delight.

Yours truly,

Karen Coy Ross

BNRC Stewardship Committee Chair