May 21, 2016 Joe Berkshire

What’s a landkeeper do?

You hike, hunt, birdwatch, and take care of land!

It always pains me when I meet someone who tells me they use our trails every weekend, “And I send you a contribution every year … you’re The Nature Conservancy, right?”

Well, we’re glad you visited and love those guys at TNC, but no, that’s not us.

One of our friends tells us we are the Berkshires’ “best kept secret.” It’s meant to be a compliment, but it sets my teeth grinding.

It’s always been hard for people to remember (or understand) our whole name, Berkshire Natural Resources Council. Forget about remembering what “BNRC” stands for, or even what order the initials go in.

We’ve always just lived with it, but when we learned that one Berkshirite thought BNRC was a nursing organization, and another thought we were fracking lobbyists, we decided enough was enough!

That’s why we’re unveiling a new brand, with a revamped website, and a new logo and tagline: The Landkeepers.

BNRC Logo Page 13-6-Final-1250

We looked (and looked!) for a word or two that would sum up our work – keeping fantastic places open, healthy and welcoming – and when we didn’t find the right word, we made one up.

The term “landkeepers” takes off from familiar words like “housekeeper” or “beekeeper,” names for people who care for something so that others – people and wildlife in this case – may enjoy the rewards.

The new website will be followed by redesigned road signs, kiosks and other improvements intended to make you – and your friends – feel more welcome on our land, and learn who the local landkeeper is. (And no, we’re not the state, and neither are we The Trustees, though they both do an excellent job too.)

Nothing will change in the way we work. We’ll still care for land – and landowners – in every one of the county’s 32 cities and towns. And we remain committed solely to Berkshire County – neither rain, nor snow, nor revamped strategic plans will ever take our priorities elsewhere.

Most of all, we’ll still hope every day that you’ll find a few minutes to get outdoors. Our land is all open to the public, 365 days a year, dawn to dusk … free of charge!

Visit on your own, or join one of our free guided walks. We’ll see you on the trail!

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