June 28, 2016 Joe Berkshire

Canine Hikers at BNRC Properties

Dear Dog Walkers,

Ogden Gigli A6630-600X400

Photo: Ogden Gigli

While canine companions are welcome at BNRC’s reserves, a few simple, common sense rules apply.

Keep your pet under control.  We’ve had reports of unleashed dogs harassing wildlife (Hollow Fields), running into traffic (Housatonic Flats), and annoying neighbors (The Boulders).  Be aware that many local by-laws (those of the town of Dalton, for instance) require that dogs be leashed, even on private property – and that includes BNRC properties.

Clean up after your pet (this applies to ALL pet owners).  In addition to the annoyance factor (you ever stepped in dog poop?), dog feces create a water quality problem.  And a health hazard.

Know the boundaries.  BNRC’s neighbors do not necessarily want your dog on their property.  Their house; their rules.

Dogs are sometimes welcome on BNRC’s guided hikes. Please call ahead, 413-499-0596, to check with the hike leader about whether that hike is appropriate for your canine companion.

If you want to continue unrestricted dog-use at BNRC properties, please be a good ambassador.