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Farmland is the most threatened land in the Berkshires and beyond. We are losing our farms at a growing pace because it’s so easily developed, and property values are skyrocketing. The current generation of farmers is aging, and new farmers often can’t afford to buy, or even lease, farmland.

BNRC helps farmers protect their lands and farm businesses. We are partnering with other organizations to develop new tools to ensure that our farms stay active and productive, and that farmers seeking access to land have the support to do so.

Together we can proect the future of Berkshire farms and farming, one farm at a time.

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Recent Farm News

BNRC Protects Many Forks Farm

Posted 3/13/24

Part of BNRC’s Strategic Response to the Berkshire Farming Crisis  CLARKSBURG, Massachusetts—Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC), a nationally accredited land trust serving the Berkshire…

Are you in this Seed Season?

Posted 2/15/24

Imagine . . . You are 78 years old, a farmer. Your family has farmed and cared for the land for three generations with their hands, hearts, and minds. Your life is in that farm: it’s your retirement…

Seed Season?

Posted 1/19/24

Berkshire farms are in a pickle. This winter, you can help.  Many Berkshire farmers are aging out of their longstanding operations. And, through no fault of their own, they do not have clear…

Berkshire Farms Forever

Posted 10/6/23

Protecting Many Forks Farm in Clarksburg