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Seed Season?

Posted Friday, January 19, 2024

Berkshire farms are in a pickle. This winter, you can help. 

Many Berkshire farmers are aging out of their longstanding operations. And, through no fault of their own, they do not have clear succession plans to keep their land in farming beyond their time. 

Meanwhile, other Berkshire farmers—with their best farming years ahead of them—struggle to find land.

Nationally, the cost of farmland is skyrocketing, especially in Massachusetts. Many cannot afford to buy. Those who lease land often must do so on unfavorable terms for business. 

And the last USDA Agricultural census showed that 10% of Berkshire farms have disappeared.

Join Seed Season

SEED SEASON is BNRC’s winter effort to fund action that will help Berkshire farming and local food thrive. With your help: 

  • BNRC can buy farms, protect them in agricultural conservation, and then convey them at reduced rates to succeeding farmers who will continue to run and improve our local farm businesses 
  • BNRC can create innovative farmer-friendly leases, providing farmers long-term access to specific parcels and enabling them to make investments that are best for overall yield, success, and community support

Donate to Berkshire Farms

You can help found a capital fund this year that will:

  • Conserve a Berkshire CSA farm
  • Protect farmland and farm forest that expands climate resilience and wildlife habitat
  • Enable secure farmer access to land, so farmers can do their best in providing local food 

(And that’s just this year.) 

Please donate to the BNRC Berkshire Farms Fund during Seed Season

Like perennials, your investment will make a difference year after year… as together we stand behind our farmers, and local food, in this special corner of the world.