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The Working Forest Initiative

  • Working Forest Initiative: providing services such as free woodland evaluations
    • Forest Stewardship Program & Green Certification: Recognizing the public benefits of good stewardship on private forest land, the Massachusetts Forest Stewardship Program (MFSP) supports and encourages private forest landowners’ efforts to manage, enjoy, and care for their land using a long-term approach
    • Foresters for the Birds: Provides landowners with information about bird habitat on their land, and recommendations about how to enhance it in conjunction with other forest management goals.
    • Community Forest Stewardship Grant: offers grants to assist municipalities in implementing their Forest Stewardship Plan.

Other Programs for Land Owners

  • MassWildlife Habitat Management Grant Program: Improve habitat(s) for game species, manage habitat(s) for Species of Greatest Conservation Need, and/or promote public recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, trapping, and other wildlife associated recreation on conserved lands. See “Eligible Entities” in link.
  • Forest Tax Law Program– assistance with the favorable tax treatment to forest landowners through MGL Chapter 61. Download booklet: Chapter 61 Programs Understanding the Massachusetts: Ch. 61 Current Use Tax Programs
  • Environmental Quality Incentives Program: provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural and forestry producers to address natural resource concerns and deliver environmental benefits such as improved water and air quality, conserved ground and surface water, reduced soil erosion and sedimentation, and improved or created wildlife habitat.
  • Pooled Timber Income Fund (PTIF): For a Pooled Timber Income Fund, landowners donate their land to the New England Forestry Foundation, and the timber on that land to a pooled income fund set up and run by NEFF. Landowners receive shares in the fund proportional to the value of their timber donation.


Land protection specialist in Berkshire County

A land trust is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that actively works to conserve land as a part of its mission.

Local Land Trusts

Regional Land Trusts

Public Conservation Agency

Service Foresters

A service forester is an employee of the state forestry agency who can speak with you and visit your land to provide free advice on management options and program opportunities.

  • Peter Grima (serving Washington, Lenox, Richmond and North)

Phone: (413) 442-8928 x 127

Email: peter.grima@mass.gov

  • Tom Ryan (serving Stockbridge, Stockbridge, Lee, Becket South)

Phone: (413) 442-8928 x123

Email: tom.ryan@mass.gov

Find Surveyors, Appraisers, Accountants, and Attorneys
by town here: http://massland.org/resources/list-of-service-providers


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