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Spanish Language Advisory Group


The ​​​​​​​Spanish Language Advisory Group​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ is a diverse group of people and organizations from the Berkshire community. Supported by members of the BNRC staff, this group helps identify barries to accessing the outdoors for the Spanish-speaking community and brainstorms actionable steps to address them, with a particular focus on BNRC trails and partnerships.

Meetings are held quarterly, with additional sessions as needed throughout the year.


  • Marina Dominguez, Railroad Street Youth Project
  • Lorena Dus, Berkshire Immigrant Center
  • Silvana Kirby, Berkshire Language Management
  • América López, Volunteers in Medicine | Latinas413 | BNRC Hike Leader
  • Mauricio Romero, Volunteers in Medicine
  • Mackenzie Greer, BNRC Staff
  • Charlotte Hood, BNRC Staff