Employment Opportunities at Berkshire Natural Resources Council


Stewardship Coordinator

The stewardship coordinator holds custodial and managerial responsibility for Berkshire Natural Resources Council’s conservation restrictions and fee simple lands. He or she discharges these responsibilities in accordance with BNRC’s fiduciary obligations and organizational mission. He or she has the skills to complete all the responsibilities and tasks listed below, but at times is expected to delegate and manage contractors, volunteers and interns as needed to assure projects are completed on schedule. The stewardship coordinator reports to the president.


  • Annual monitoring and administration of conservation restrictions, including resolution of violations and trespasses;
  • Preparation of baseline documentation reports for new CRs;
  • Monitoring of fee simple properties;
  • Preparation of management plans for fee simple properties in collaboration with colleagues;
  • As necessary, in collaboration with colleagues, planning, permitting and execution of natural resource management projects, and associated grant applications.
  • Boundary maintenance
  • Management of contractors, interns and volunteers

Key personal interactions:

  • Staff colleagues. The stewardship coordinator will seek and provide consultation with his or her colleagues to ensure that conservation, stewardship and outreach and administrative initiatives are integrated with the activities of other “specialists” and with BNRC’s mission.
  • The stewardship coordinator will periodically train and delegate tasks to volunteers.
  • The stewardship coordinator will cultivate constructive and empathetic relationships with land partners, including colleagues at state conservation agencies and NGOs.
  • Land owners. The stewardship coordinator will communicate clearly, directly and professionally with CR landowners and abutters to BNRC fee simple lands, seeking to balance empathy with firm application of standards to resolve any dispute or misunderstandings arising from CR administration and enforcement, or defense of fee simple land against encroachment.


  • Exercise fiduciary care and custody of BNRC’s land, trail easements and conservation restrictions, as measured by annual monitoring, maintenance and resolution of conflict.
  • Prevent or mitigate loss or destruction of BNRC assets, as measured by regular monitoring for trespass, restriction violation and, where practical and sustainable, damages caused by natural forces such as soil erosion or invasive species.
  • Establish guidance for ecologically sound and publicly beneficial management of BNRC’s fee simple properties, as measured by development of management plans, natural resource inventories, and, where practical and sustainable, management of natural resources.
  • Exercise fiscal and organizational management, as measured by completion of projects and annual tasks on schedule and on budget.


  • Proficiency in standard office software
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Digital and analog navigational devices, including GPS, map, compass


Anticipated salary range of +/- $40,000-$45,000, plus generous benefits. Send cover letter and resume to Tad Ames, President, BNRC, 20 Bank Row, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Position will be advertised until filled.