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Donate Crypto


Owners of cryptocurrency are in a special position to conserve land, protect wildlife, preserve local farms, and make sure everybody has free access to the Berkshire outdoors…

Donating crypto is a savvy way to make an important difference on the BNRC team, and an excellent opportunity to give from your gains.

Crypto donations are typically non-taxable events. In such a case, you would not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated value of your crypto, while also being able to deduct the donation on your taxes. Contact your tax or financial advisor to confirm this scenario applies to you.

Also, if you are able to choose between donating crypto or fiat to BNRC, it is possible that you could donate the crypto, realize tax advantages, and then still use the fiat to maintain your position in the crypto asset that you donated.


According to Fidelity Charitable, cryptocurrency owners are more philanthropically inclined than traditional investors, both in the amounts they choose to donate to nonprofit causes, and in how they describe the level of importance of giving and generosity in their lives. Fidelity found this to be particularly true of millennial investors.

BNRC is Donor Funded

It would be wonderful to have you on BNRC’s crypto conservation team.

Whether you’re a whale or just have a few extra sats, love altcoins, or are an ETH maxi, please consider turning your crypto into habitat, vistas, trails, farms, forests, and free access to nature with BNRC!

If you prefer to make an online donation of cash (e.g. with a credit or debit card), mail a check, give stock, donate from your IRA, create a legacy gift, or phone the BNRC office, please visit

BNRC is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
BNRC’s tax ID number is 04-2430091.

Email Kathleen Smolinski
Assistant Director of Fundraising