To protect and preserve the natural beauty and ecological integrity of the Berkshires for public benefit and enjoyment.

This land, and all of the present-day Berkshires, are the ancestral homeland of the Mohican people who were forcefully displaced to Wisconsin by European colonization. These lands continue to be of great significance to the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation today. To learn more visit

We keep land for you. And we can only do it because of you. Your support makes landkeeping possible.

This is what we’re about: preserving, or keeping land so we can all have access to it, enjoy it, find peace and serenity in it.  We keep land so we can all experience the beauty that the Berkshire mountains have to offer.

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“They do a great job keeping the Berkshires green and open to all who want to truly experience what it means to live or visit this amazing oasis.”

~ Karen Karlberg; Fly fisherman, wildlife photographer, and BNRC volunteer

Keeping land is not an easy task. We’re constantly in the field, working with landowners who want to donate land, scouting for new acquisitions, and planning, building, and maintaining trails that give you easy access to nature. We put rafts on the ponds so you can swim and fish. We build bridges and boardwalks over the streams and wetlands. We do all of this with you, and for you. All of you.