July 13, 2017 Mariah

Rainbows + Moths + Fireflies = Magic

On the evening of Saturday, July 8th, a couple dozen people gathered at Hollow Fields in Richmond for one of BNRC’s 50th Anniversary special events—a moth and firefly exhibition.

Cider donuts and music were enjoyed around a campfire as sunset approached, and a splendid double rainbow appeared in the eastern sky. As darkness advanced, the group set out to explore the nightlife of the fields.

Dylan Cipkowski, field technician for Hawthorne Valley’s Farmscape Ecology Program, set up moth surveying tents and identified an amazing variety of moths attracted to the backlit fabric. A multitude of fireflies blinked away into the night. All in all—a magical evening!

BNRC’s next 50th Anniversary special event will be its Community Celebration Day on September 9th at Holiday Farm in Dalton, and will included guided hikes, hay rides, a birds-of-prey demonstration, archery, fishing, live music, and food trucks. Please visit bnrc.org/50 for more information. Hope to see you there!

Blinded Sphinx

Blinded Sphinx

Pepper and Salt Geometer

Small-eyed Sphinx

Virginia Creeper Sphinx, also known as the Hog Sphinx

A melanic (the dark form of the species) Pepper and Salt Geometer

Common Lytrosis



Rainbow in the middle field