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Hike at The Boulders

  • Sunday, April 28, 2024
    8:30 AM – 11 AM


Due to weather the hike date changed from Sunday, April 7 to Sunday, April 28.  

This hike is specifically offered to Spanish speakers and those interested in Spanish immersion.

The Boulders’ 645 acres offer more than six miles of trails, plus the spectacular boulders that give the area its name and offer a view to the west. On the hike we will take the Blue Trail, an old wooden path that leads to the summit of The Boulders.

Rain Date: Sunday, May 5

Difficulty: Easy

What to Bring: It is recommended to bring a snack, water, winter clothes, and appropriate footwear such as boots or closed toes shoes. 

Location:  The Boulders 

  • Gulf Road Trailhead Parking:  Google Maps | 42.4816, -73.1783

Hike Leader:  América López 

Questions: Email América or call or send a message by WhatsApp, (413) 212-1249

Cancellation Information: Cancellations will be announced to the interested parties before 5 pm the day before the activity.  

​​​​Cancellation may occur if:

  • Temperatures over 91 Degrees F due to potential for heat exhaustion 
  • Forecast for thunderstorms or steady rain 
  • Temperatures in the teens or below 
  • Unsafe driving conditions 

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Title: Hike at The Boulders

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