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A Leap of Care for 2024

Posted Monday, January 22, 2024

Gain peace of mind by creating your will

You have an EXTRA DAY this year. How will you use it?

Would you like to spend an easy hour of that day doing something special for those you love? Possibly for the Berkshire outdoors too?

Write my free will

FreeWill—a FREE estate planning tool—is available to you via BNRC. You cancreate a long-term plan for those you love, and what you value most, in as little as 20 minutes:

  • Secure your peace of mind for the future
  • Provide for people and causes who are dear to you
  • Cross the will you have been thinking about writing off your to-do list

Write my free will

You can put the plan you write on FreeWill into use, or consider it a draft to discuss with an attorney. How you use FreeWill is up to you.

You’ll have the opportunity to provide for the long-term care of the Berkshire outdoors, and Berkshire farms, by designating a future contribution to fuel everything we do together through BNRC. (But doing so isn’t required to use this FREE service.)

This is a great time of year for new intentions, for new accomplishments.

Why not start off the year using a small bit of your extra day to make a lasting difference for those you love most, and possibly for the Berkshire outdoors too?

I recommend giving FreeWill a try on a quiet snowy morning with a mug of hot coffee or tea. And a small side of dark chocolate.


Rich Montone
Director of Development