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Berkshire Accessible Trails

Posted Thursday, February 23, 2023

On Common Ground: Local trails have never been more accessible

Taylor Staubach, Berkshire Magazine (Spring/Summer 2023)

DATE: February 23, 2023

When we started hiking as a young family in 2019, our weekly outings began humbly, then quickly became much more. Over the next three years, we would hike and “review” our outdoor adventures in a family-focused blog post. As we field-tested trail after trail, I began to observe that many of the trails that worked best for us as a young family were also trails that provided some level of universal accessibility.

As excursions drew more attention online, we received many requests for trail recommendations that were stroller- or mobility-friendly. Far from being an expert, I started to compile a list of rudimentary information that went out to the general public by way of the Berkshire Family Hikes blog. What it did…was catch the eye of folks at the Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC)…

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