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Berkshire Natural Resources Council Earns National Recognition

Posted Tuesday, April 4, 2023

I’m writing with news I’m so excited and proud to share with you. You may have noticed a new seal on recent BNRC communications, or on the website, showing that BNRC is accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

What does that mean?

Accreditation demonstrates BNRC’s extraordinary commitment to excellence and trustworthiness, a dedication to sound finances, ethical conduct, and responsible governance.

And most importantly, it shows the Commission’s confidence that lands conserved by BNRC throughout the Berkshires will be protected forever.

It’s important to note that dedication to land conservation is also:

  • dedication to the wildlife that roam, make their homes, and raise their families throughout local wildlife corridors;
  • dedication to improving climate resilience in the region;
  • dedication to farmers who bet their lives on Berkshire farms and who provide food for our community;
  • and dedication to ensuring that everybody has access to green spaces, for free, forever.

You might be thinking, “BNRC was already doing these things.”

And you’d be right.

But accreditation is not just about BNRC, and not just about the Berkshires. It’s also about the bigger picture.

The United States currently has over 450 accredited land trusts, representing over 20 million acres of stewarded land.

That’s the equivalent of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island combined!

I know that each of these land trusts went through the same rigorous program that BNRC went through to receive accreditation status.

They have also each demonstrated a commitment to permanent land conservation, professional excellence, and maintaining the public’s trust in their work.

When I think about this growing group of devoted land trusts and the incredible conservation work that we are accomplishing across the country, I feel hopeful.

Together, we—BNRC donors, volunteers, board, staff, and community partners—ensure a better and greener space for ourselves and the next generations. And we join this community of resilient organizations, equipped to meet challenges and continue these important efforts in the long-term.

BNRC’s accreditation would not be possible without committed donors, dedicated volunteers, community partners, and a hard-working staff and board.

Thank you for all that you do! Congratulations on your national accreditation!

All the best,

Jenny Hansell