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Fall Hunting Season

Autumn in the Berkshires is all about the harvest:  apples, pumpkins, corn – and venison!

​​​​​BNRC welcomes hunters to its properties. One of our principles is that land should be open for passive recreation, which has always including hunting. In fact, BNRC actively manages its properties for wildlife’s increase, including game species. We believe there is room to share the land among those who appreciate what it offers.

A few simple guidelines will keep everyone safe:

  • Be aware of the hunting season:  some type of hunting occurs from mid-October through mid-March; the busiest period is the shotgun season, November 26-December 10. Visit MassWildlife for a complete schedule of hunting and fishing seasons.
  • Through the fall hunting seasons, it is important that every visitor (hunters, hikers, and even dogs!) wears bright clothing. “Blaze orange” is the color that shows best in all light conditions.
  • Hikers should stay on marked trails; hunters should be sure they know the location of all trails.
  • Dog-walkers should be especially careful to keep dogs leashed.
  • Give hunters their space: state law protects a hunter’s rights to legally take game. And BNRC supports their right.