New Marlborough

A rolling forest drops gently to a series of productive wetlands not far from the Konkapot River.

This land, and all of the present-day Berkshires, are the ancestral homeland of the Mohican people, who were forcefully displaced to Wisconsin by European colonization. These lands continue to be of great significance to the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation today. To learn more visit

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Corn Warrior 42.152800, -73.266700 Corn Warrior(frontage) (Directions)


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No maintained Trails: difficult

Special features: Mature forest and a very diverse plant community


Corn Warrior has extensive frontage on both Adsit Crosby and Hartsville-Mill River Roads. There is no improved parking; however there are places to pull fully off the road on the frontage at either road.

GPS: 42.1528, -73.2667 (frontage)


This 38-acre parcel was given to BNRC and the New Marlborough Land Trust with the intention that it could be sold to fund conservation work elsewhere in the Berkshires. 20 years have gone by and we still own this quiet, pretty forest. Corn Warrior has two very pretty vernal pools and until 2010, it also had two active gravel quarries!

What Corn Warrior lacks in trails and improvements it seems to make up for in biodiversity: a 2009 ecological assessment noted 190+ plant species! The property may also be habitat for rare and endangered species, as documented by state wildlife officials.