This hidden gem is a partnership of BNRC and the Monterey Preservation Land Trust.

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Fawer 42.169800, -73.188900 Fawer(center) (Directions)

Property Name: Fawer

Town: Monterey

Activities: Hunting, hiking

Special features: Scenic beauty

Hiking difficulty: Expert — no trails; steeper terrain

GPS: 42.1698, -73.1889 (center of property)

The 92-acre Fawer Reserve on Main Road in Monterey is a hidden gem. It’s difficult to access (there’s no parking and no trails), but some may prefer it this way. Certainly there are no crowds to contend with!

Highlights of the property are the tall, handsome trees covering the slopes of a large amphitheater and the large wetland at the base of that amphitheater. If you’re comfortable with map and compass, find your way to Fawer.

The Fawer Reserve has no parking and no trails. Frontage is on Main Road/Route 23 in Monterey, located between 566 and 576 Main Road.

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