Stunning, rocky bowl, rich in turkey and deer, this property is adjacent to a private 700-acre conservation restriction and the 14,000 acre October Mountain State Forest. You won’t forget that you are near the MassPike, but the beauties of this rugged property will make up for that in spades.

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Landers Road 42.309300, -73.214700 Landers Road(center) (Directions)

Property Name: Landers Road

Town: Lee

Activities: Hunting, hiking

Special features: Unimproved wood roads

Hiking difficulty: Expert — rugged terrain and unimproved trails

GPS: 42.3093, -73.2147 (center of property)

With its vernal pools, mountains streams, hickory-hophornbeam forest, and weighing in at 386 acres (not to mention contiguity with something like 14,000 acres of conserved land!), the Landers Road Reserve is worth a visit. Trails are not marked, but they are in good shape. If you’re feeling strong, hike up through the property from Chestnut Street. Otherwise, you can have a friend drop you off at the end of Landers Road (no parking there, please) and you can wander for hours before walking downhill and home.

No parking is available at the Landers Road property. Access is from the end of Landers Road or on Chestnut Street, immediately after the underpass of the MassPike.

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