This parcel on West Stockbridge Mountain in Stockbridge has no formal access.
It is part of the eastern slope of the mountain, and is a key piece in BNRC’s efforts to conserve all the high ground on this landmark mountain.

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Maeder 42.327500, -73.349600 Maeder(center) (Directions)

Property Name: Maeder

Town: Stockbridge

Activities: Hiking, hunting

Special features: Hillside protection forest

Hiking difficulty: Expert — no trails; rough terrain

GPS: 42.3275, -73.3496 (center of property)

The 50-acre Maeder Reserve is entirely forested and is within “Zone B” of the Town of Stockbridge water supply. The donor’s intent was to see the land conserved in perpetuity. BNRC’s goal is to find an appropriate way for hikers to go from Pittsfield to Stockbridge; Maeder is a key piece of this puzzle.

No parking and no trails exist; no road frontage exists. The property is best accessed from Olivia’s Overlook by the Ridge Trail.

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