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Thomas and Palmer Brook 42.195500, -73.337000 Thomas and Palmer Brook(frontage) (Directions)

Property Name: Thomas and Palmer Brook

Town: Great Barrington

Activities: Hiking, bird-watching, hunting

Special features: Gorgeous views across wetlands on Thomas and Palmer Brook

Hiking difficulty: Intermediate — no marked trails; moderate terrain

GPS: 42.1955, -73.3370  (frontage on Route 23)

Comprising much of the wetland complex near north of Route 23 (near the Koi Restaurant), Thomas and Palmer Brook Reserve will be a favorite of locals and visitor alike. With stunning views up and down the Brook corridor and easy access on gentle terrain, you’ll keep coming back. And if you’re into birds, you’ll love the species diversity found in the matrix of wetland, field, young forest, and mature forest habitats.

The 219-acre Thomas and Palmer Brook Reserve was purchased in 2015. Plans to build a simple hiking trail in the summer of 2016 were shelved when beavers flooded our footbridge. When improvements are completed in 2017, the Reserve will be easily explored. Until then, wear waterproof boots and bring your compass.

This project was funded by BNRC supporters and by the Massachusetts SubCouncil of the Housatonic River Trustee Council, which comprises the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Thomas and Palmer is on State Road (Route 23) east of Great Barrington.  The property has no built parking at this time (November, 2016).  Frontage is located between 301 and 309 State Road.

Property overview: PDF view/download
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