A site to contemplate the stunning vista that is Parsons Marsh

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Undermountain Rest 42.373700, -73.297800 Undermountain Rest(bench) (Directions)

Property Name: Undermountain Rest

Town: Lenox

Activities: Photography, rest

Special features: Gorgeous views across Parsons Marsh

Hiking difficulty: N/A

GPS: 42.3737, -73.2978 (frontage)

In 2012, Berkshire Natural Resources Council was given a small building lot at the head of Parsons Marsh. From the frontage of this small parcel, passersby can see the entire expanse of Parsons Marsh. For years artists and photographers were trespassing here to get the best views, but now You Can Sit Here – the sign says so!

Look for “Yes you can sit here!” along the north edge of Undermountain Road, a hair east and opposite from Undermountain Stables. Next time you’re walking Undermoutain Road, step off the road and enjoy the views from the bench.

Look for the bench opposite Undermountain Stables at 400 Undermountain Road, Lenox.

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