Join us in our mission to keep land for all to enjoy here in the beautiful Berkshires.

There are plenty of ways to help! Are you a trail-lover, a photography enthusiast, or are you really great at rallying a team and organizing others? We need you!

Listed below are ongoing volunteer opportunities.

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Do you want to help Berkshire Natural Resources Council but mud and bugs are not your strong suit? We need indoor Landkeepers too.

What will I do?
Come in and help us with mailings, organizing files, labeling pictures, etc. When there is a task, we’ll let you know so you can come in and help!

What kind of time is involved?
Mailings and other office volunteer roles come up at various times throughout the year. We’ll put out a call, and you can give us as much or as little time as you want until the job is done!

General Responsibilities:
• Be detailed oriented
• Enjoy working inside at a computer or desk

• The knowledge that you’ve saved us serious time and effort
• The satisfaction of helping us keep the Berkshires for all!

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Do you have a knack for photography or just like to take pictures? Join us on hikes and events and take pictures for us! Having quality pictures of what we do on a daily basis helps people understand and appreciate the hard work that we do as Landkeepers. It also helps our fundraising efforts and goes a long way to foster community support.

What will I do?
Attend our events or join us on the trail with your camera ready for action!

Time Commitment:
Join us when it fits your schedule. Come for either 15 minutes or the whole day, enjoy the event or just snap a few photos to share with Berkshire Natural Resources Council later.

General Responsibilities:
• Come to events or attend trail work days camera-ready
• Take pictures of the smiling faces in action, along with the surrounding scenery
• Have a way to share those pictures with Berkshire Natural Resources Council
• Be willing to let us use the pictures online and in printed material (you will be credited)

• The knowledge that you’ve provided a valuable service for our mission
• Have your photography seen by hundreds of supporters
• Enjoy the satisfaction of helping us keep the Berkshires for all!

Have more questions? Email Mariah at

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We have close to 55 miles of trails and wood roads to maintain! Trail Stewards help us literally keep up with the land as our “eyes and ears” out on the trails.

What will I do?
Stewards walk a trail or trails that we choose together to suit your available time and location. The Stewards then report back on the trails as well as perform small maintenance tasks along the way.

Time Commitment:
We ask trail stewards to check on the trails once every six weeks. Depending on the trail and the conditions, this could take an hour or all day.

• Report any problems on the trail (blowdowns, signage, etc.)
• Do light maintenance
o Remove sticks and branches from the trail
o Clean out water bars
o Clip nuisance branches in the trail corridor
• Keep the trail maps stocked
• Repaint trail blazes from time to time
• Interact with the public using the trail and represent Berkshire Natural Resources Council

We also ask that Trail Stewards come along and help on hikes or work days Berkshire Natural Resources Council might hold on the trail you are steward of.

• The knowledge that you’ve provided a valuable service: Trail Stewards save us $350 for every mile of trail that you help steward!
• A chance to get to know and connect with a special trail and/or land
• The satisfaction of helping us keep the Berkshires for all!

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We actively keep and preserve over 22,000 acres throughout Berkshire County. With only two staff members for all our Stewardship work, we need your help to properly care for these properties.

What will I do?
The Volunteer Stewardship Team helps with various projects: building trails, installing signage, marking boundaries, and others. Several times a year, we will contact one or all members of our Stewardship Team to help with these projects.

Time Commitment:
Being part of the Stewardship Team offers you a wide range of options. You can come out once a month or once a year, whatever your interest level and schedule allow. You choose the project you want to help out on!

General Responsibilities:
• Be physically fit and able to hike through the woods (on and off trail) while carrying tools
• Enjoy working outside in various weather conditions and seasons
• Assist with stewardship tasks as needed
• Have access to email in order to report back
• Carry a camera in order to take pictures of any problems

• Your work allows us to keep more land. Plain and simple!
• You get to have a great hike!

We will provide supervision of projects and all tools and safety equipment. All you need to do is show up with water and lunch! Boots and pants are required for the majority of these projects.

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Don’t see something that fits or do you have more questions? Email Mariah at or call the BNRC office at 413-499-0596.


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