The High Road

Inspired by the Coast to Coast trail in England or the Camino de Santiago in Spain, Berkshire Natural Resources Council is acting on a vision to create a completely hike-able Berkshires. That means you can hike to a cafe in a village and then walk to a bed and breakfast to stay the night. The Council is working to keep land to connect to a network of trails for continued use throughout the Berkshires.

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What is it?

A system of trails that connects all of the Berkshires, creating a web, sewing towns and trails together.


To connect nature and people. To link conservation lands to each other for wildlife, clean water, and unspoiled views. To open trails for lunchtime walkers and holiday hikers alike. So you don’t have to get back into your car to go find a place to dine, get a cup of hot coffee, or spend the night if you wish.

What does that mean for us?

We’re strategically selecting and buying lands and easements throughout the Berkshires so we can link them together to create the Berkshire High Road. Our intended launch date for the first trail loop will coincide with our 50th year anniversary in 2017.

How are we making that happen?

We’re putting together a long-range vision — and a plan to pay for it — so we can the preserve the parcels that connect the Berkshires, build the trails, parking areas and install signage.

Want to learn more?

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Our High Road vision will do great things for the natural world of the Berkshires. We aren’t just thinking about preservation though, we’re thinking about new ways of enjoying recreation and the beautiful lands and towns of the Berkshires. We’re acting on a plan to truly connect the natural, social, cultural and economic lives of all who live and work in the Berkshires.

We know that leadership is about vision and innovation. It is not just about managing what one already has. We’re pushing the envelope to make the High Road into another calling card of the Berkshires, on par with the great cultural institutions the Berkshires is known for the world over.

Click here to see the list of High Road Founders, those who collectively met the $5 million goal of the High Road capital campaign. The High Road campaign gets us started, but we’re going to need to sustain the effort for many years to come.

Join us in making the High Road happen.