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Landkeepers Report

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Landkeepers Report

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Landkeepers & Annual Report

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Landkeepers Annual Report 2017

Each year presents exciting new opportunities for land conservation in the Berkshires. And without fail, BNRC supporters step up to the plate to help meet those challenges. The 2017 Annual Report lists all who made gifts last year—hats off to each and every one!

The report also touches upon some of last year’s highlights, complete with photos.

Apologies are in order for the omission of board member Kim Seward’s name from the Board of Directors list in the Annual Report.

You can view and download the Annual Report here:

Annual Report

Landkeepers Report Fall 2017

BNRC’s newsletter, the Landkeepers Report, gets mailed out twice a year and will now be available at as well.

Highlights of the most recent issue include news about the permanent protection of a farm in Richmond; an intensive (and fun!) survey of plants and animals at a new reserve in Great Barrington; and a wrap-up of BNRC’s Community Celebration Day—all with great photos too!

You can view and download the Landkeepers Report here:

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